Sheet music
HTocht general

Russian songs

Traditional songs

from different

regions of Russia


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Christmas songs

Traditional winter season songs from different countries


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World music

Songs from Scandinavia, Miditerranian region,

Africa, Asia etc.


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Roma songs

Gipsy songs from Hungary, Romania, Russia, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece etc.


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East-European songs

Songs from Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Bosnia, Macedonia, Poland etc.


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In this small music shop you will find vocal arrangements for choirs and original songs.

These arrangements and songs are products of my work as musician and theatremaker.


Price: non-commercial license* for one voice group (SSAA or SATB or other) - 20 Euro

* the use of this arrangement in comercial projects and sharing with the 3d party is not permitted

Package: sheet music, midi files, text and translation. Pronunsiation audio - on request (where possible)

Delivery: digitally


Theatre music

original songs written for various theatre productions


Texts: Shakespeare, Moliere, William Blake, Francoise Villon, Gertrude Stein etc.


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Original Russian songs

Modern folk


Songs, written on the texts

of traditional Russian rituals


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