Christmas songs

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Glory to the newborn king  (England)

Voices: SSAA    Demo vocal:

Svjaty vjecher The holy night (Russia)

Voices SSAA    Demo vocal:

Schedrik The plentiful one  (Ukraine)

Voices: SSAA    Demo vocal

Shto to za predivo  What a wonder (Russia)

Voices: SATB    Audioscore:

Nova radist  New joy (Ukraine)

Voices: SSAT   Audioscore:

Zamci se Bozja majka 

The mother of God  (Bulgaria)

Voices: SATB   Audioscore:

Birjina Gaztettobat Zegogen (Basque/English) (The Angel Gabriel...)

Voices: SSAA en SATB

Koja mi zvjezda  What star... (Macedonia)

Voices: SSAA & SSATB    Audioscore:

Angely v njebe  Angels in heaven (Russia)

Voices: SSATB  Audioscore:

Izniknalo edno dŭrvo 

There grew a tree (Bulgaria)

Voices: SATB   Audioscore:

A v Jerusalime  In Jerusalem (Russia)

Voices: SSATB   Audioscore:

Kondak Rozhdestva 

Christmas Kondakion (Bulgaria)

Voices: SSATB   Audioscore


Nanita Nana (Spain) (Little night)

Voices: SATB   Audioscore: