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A Voyage to the East

polyphonic songs for small ensembles


To be able to sing in harmony one doesn't necessarily have to be a part of a big choir.

There are plenty of beautiful two- or three-part songs for a small group of singers.

A series of 10 webinars will start on Monday September 21st

Every Monday (except the autumn holidays), we shall meet at 20:00, via Zoom, for 1 hour singing session to learn a polyphonic song from one of the Eastern European countries.

We are going to study the songs traditional way - by ear.

An important goal of this series of workshops is not only the result, but also the process of learning - listening carefully to different parts and training your musical memory.

The best would be getting together with one or two singing friends, follow the webinar together, choose different vocal parts and sing directly in harmony. These songs can be sung in various settings: with only male or female voices and also in mixed formation. Beautiful melodies and harmonies and simple and yet rich arrangements will provide much singing pleasure long after our webinars.

The texts of the songs will be sent in advance.

The the recordings of the voice parts will be sent to the participants after each webinar, depending on the form of registration (see below).


September: 21, 28

Oktober: 5, 19, 26 (not on Monday 12 okt. - holiday week)

November: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Time: 20.00 - 21.00

Participation possibilities:

Subscription (10 webinars) - € 80

participation in all webinars

audio recordings of all vocal parts after each webinar

Single webinar - € 10

participation in a webinar of choice (multiple webinars possible)

audio recordings of all vocal parts after the webinar


participation in a webinar of choice (multiple webinars possible)

audio recordings of the vocal parts are not included

I would like to offer this possibility to people who would like to join the webinar(s) but truly cannot afford itHopefully this musical hour will bring good energy and a lot of singing pleasure.


Registration: mail@tatianalina.com or fill this form

N.B. Registration for each subsequent webinar closes at 17.00 on the day.

Please mention your choice (subscription, single webinar or gratis)

You can find the information about each next webinar hier

(updated each week starting from the 15th of September)